Deliveroo reveals most amazing dishes around the world

Deliveroo reveals most amazing dishes around the world

To coincide with the launch of Deliveroo's new 'Eat More Amazing' campaign, the world's favourite food-delivery service has waded through thousands of incredible dishes across 12 countries, 200 cities and 3 continents to shortlist some of the most amazing foodie creations you can order on Deliveroo. So here they are: from hybrid pizzaburgers to intergalactic milk cakes, this list of amazing dishes from around the world will leave your mind blown, and stomach rumbling.

Fancy a dessert that's out of this world? The Galaxy Milk Cake from Sugar Moo is one of Dubai's most instagrammable sweet treats - the pink milky sponge is transformed into an intergalactic feast by big shards of marbled chocolate that jut out of its centre.

For a Brit - a classic Sunday roast is about as amazing as it gets… or at least that's before York Roast Co created the ultimate British food hybrid - the YorkyPud™ Wrap. Roast lamb, winter veg and crispy potatoes all wrapped up in giant yorkshire pudding - delicious!

What's so amazing about a big dome of pink candy floss? Nothing really - unless you're ordering the Fairy Floss Dessert Burger from Melbourne's Long Story Short Cafe. This dish requires a bit of interaction - just drizzle the side order of coconut milk over its top, and watch the floss dissolve, revealing a delicious Sicilian brioche burger, topped with caramel mousse and honeycomb ice cream.

This next amazing dish is almost too cute to eat. Liu Sa Bao, or 'flowing filling buns' are fluffy balls of sweet bread filled with molten egg yolk custard - at Singapore's Canton Paradise, you can order a plate of these delicious treats in the form of little piggy faces - bet you can't wait to get your trotters on one.

Fusing Asian street snacks with the world's favourite comfort food - Baogo is a Belgian Burger Joint with a modern makeover. Their Beef Brisket Bao Burger combines scrumptious American burger filling with soft sweet Bao buns to create the ultimate food fusion.

Fancy a bowl of Froot Loops for dinner? Or a helping of Cap'n Crunch as an afternoon snack? Have no fear - Madrid's Cereal Hunters have got you covered. This innovative Spanish cafe offers boxes of the breakfast staple sourced from all over the world.

Whoever said veganism was all salad and veg, has never ordered from Amsterdam's Vegan Junk Bar. Leading the animal-free diet into a junk-food revolution, the restaurant offers a range of amazing meat-alternatives, including the Loaded VJFB fries - topped with shawarma, grated cheese, spicy jalapeños, and garlic sauce.

This next dish is not only an instagram hit - it's healthy and tasty too. The Acai Bowl from Eathos in Dublin combines and antioxidant-rich berry smoothie with toasted quinoa granola, passionfruit, coconut chunks, cacao nibs, bee pollen and edible flowers - an amazing way to jumpstart your morning.

What better way to eat more amazing then lathering your lunch in truffles? At Paris' Maison de la Truffe you'll find the luxury ingredient weaved into every meal in ways you couldn't even imagine - their Pastrami Croque Monsieur is layered with freshly sourced black truffles to add a twist of luxury to the Parisian brunch classic.

Re-creating the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cakes, renowned Chef Winson Yip has worked up a new look for Hong Restaurant Yum Cha's Pineapple Puffs. The first character in the Chinese word for pineapple is "鳳" (meaning phoenix) - which is why these adorable little puffs are served up in the shape of tiny little birds.

Pizza vs Burger. A dilemma familiar to all who've sat down to order in some delicious comfort food. Luckily, if you live in Milan, you're in reach of the perfect solution - the pizzaburger. Italian restaurant Verace wraps up classic burger fillings into a delicious pizza dough, for a meal that satisfies all your cravings.

Waffle's are already pretty amazing - but if you want to take your cheat-treat to the next level - Berlin's Waffle Brothers is the place to order from. Starting off with a giant waffle, your sweet treat becomes increasingly impressive as you go through 4 steps - sauces, fruit, sprinkles and toppings, until you're left with the ultimate dessert.  

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