Deliveroo predicts UAE residents will let go off foodie resolutions at 19:27 on 19th January

Deliveroo predicts UAE residents will let go off foodie resolutions at 19:27 on 19th January

As per Google Trends, a peak in searches for health buzzwords like organic, fitness, sugar free and grass-fed in the last 5 days of 2019 in the UAE indicate that foodie resolutions were predictably the most common right before the New Year kicked off. While the start of the new year usually brings with it a desire to be a better version of ourselves, Deliveroo has just revealed hard facts on when they think most residents of the UAE will fall off the wagon in 2020.  Taking an average of the last two years, most people in the UAE are expected to break their foodie resolutions at 19:27 on 19th January

Deliveroo predicts that orders for sweet treats will increase by 89% on the 19th January in Dubai compared to the beginning of the month. The food delivery platform is also expecting a surge as high as 90% when it comes to quick service restaurants; specifically burgers.

Data also suggests that residents of Abu Dhabi tend to indulge in their first sugar cravings for the year roughly a week before Dubai residents do. However, given the variety of options it comes as no surprise that when in comes to burgers; Dubai residents don't hold out for too long, making way for fast food way before jumping into desserts.

While some Dubai residents may fall off the resolution wagon in the coming week, a spike of 20% in vegan orders this year is a clear indicator that those celebrating Veganuaury or committed to the lifestyle are sticking to it at least for the first month of the year.

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