Celebrate Japanese Culture Week with Deliveroo

Deliveroo Celebrates Japanese Culture Week

During the month of October, autumn is an incredibly beautiful time of the year in Japan. The country experiences a season of bountiful harvest which is followed by many cultural celebrations like the Festival of Rice, Takayama Autumn Festival and Kawagoe Festival. Every year, tourist from all over the world visit Japan to experience the cultural celebrations, scenery and cuisine.  

In honour of this fruitful season in Japan, Deliveroo has joined the festivities by honouring the cuisine influence in the UAE. Over of the years, there's been a rise in Japanese cuisine popularity within the UAE because it offers a unique option for lighter and simpler dishes with less sauces and spices. The top five most popular Japanese restaurants in UAE are Sushi Art, Yo! Sushi, Miyabi, Sushi counter, and Chez Sushi

 Interesting ordering facts of Japanese cuisine via Deliveroo:

  • Japanese is one of the most ordered cuisine type of Deliveroo in the UAE, following the likes of American and Lebanese
  • The most popular Japanese sweet treat is mochi
  • The most famous types of sushi ordered in the UAE contains salmon specifically salmon avocado rolls,  salmon sashimi and salmon teriyaki
  • Moutabel & Cumbers is the most interesting sushi consisting of Moutabel mix, cucumber, black sesame seeds, blue flowers & iceberg lettuce created at Sushi Counter
  • There are five types of sushi - maki, temaki, uramaki, sashimi, and nigiri
  • UAE likes to order the lunchbox which usually contains  up to 14 pieces of sushi
  • Beef is the most popular meat for the udon/grills/hibachi
  • Although seafood and meat are often seen in Japanese dishes, veggie dishes are growing in popularity - Deliveroo saw a 48% rise in vegetable-filled sushi in the past six months
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