Celebrate Indian Independence Day with Chocolate Flavoured Pani Puri

Deliveroo celebrates Indian Independence Day with a variety of Chocolate Flavoured Pani Puri

To celebrate one of Dubai's largest communities, Deliveroo has partnered with the L'Indien team at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet to create a limited edition dessert for Indian Independence Day which falls on 15th August. Featuring a contemporary twist on one of the traditional cuisine's favorite street food, the limited edition set comprises of a range of Chocolate Flavoured  Pani Puri from milk, to dark and white chocolate in the colors of the Indian flag. Not only will fans of Indian cusine get to experience the staple dish with a sweet twist, a set of Chocolate Flavoured Pani Puri will be given for free with every order made from Lafayette Gourmet exclusively on Deliveroo. The offer will begin on 15th August and will last until 19th August to spread out the celebration over a course of 5 days for the 72nd Indian Independence Day.

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About Lafayette Gourmet

Established in Dubai since 2009, Le Gourmet is a temple to gastronomy and gourmandize, offering a whole range of flavors from all over the world and guaranteed to find all what it takes to fulfill your taste buds.

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