Deliveroo and Common Grounds Partner to Eat & Snap

Deliveroo and Common Grounds Partner to Eat & Snap

Deliveroo has partnered with Bull & Roo's much loved cafe, Common Grounds to host a food photography workshop. The event will take place on 27 June at Common Grounds, Mall of Emirates between 9am and noon.

For everyone out there that has scrolled past thousands of perfectly-shot food images on social media and wondered why their dishes never really looks the same; Deliveroo and Common Grounds have heard you loud and clear. In the spirit of all the delectable food that customers have delivered to the comfort of their homes, Eat & Snap is an ode to the photographer in all of us, that simply wants to document their foodie journey without the fuss of professional equipment.

Participants will not only get a chance to learn how to take the perfect picture, but will also be able to munch on some teal colored delights, custom made by the Common Grounds team. While the event is open to anyone passing by Common Grounds for a morning coffee, limited seats will be reserved for only those that register to attend on  by the 26 June.

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