What does your job say about your food choices?

What does your job say about your food choices?

Ever wondered if people's food choices differ based on their day job? Given Dubai's dynamic nature, ordering at the office for lunch or at home for dinner is the norm which is why Deliveroo for Business has shared data from their corporate partners to reveal the most popular dishes across different sectors.

Below is an overview of cuisines that are preferred by professionals in different sectors:

Investment Banker

Their most ordered dish is the Grilled Chicken from JJ Chicken. It's no surprise that they enjoy a protein feast given the stressful nature of their job.

Financial Analysts

Their most ordered dish is the Chicken Bowl from Nourish Restaurant. Numbers, analysis and big decisions are their norm so a light efficient bowl of all the required nutrients sounds just about right!

Sales Managers

The most popular order for Sales Managers is the Aloha Salmon Poke from Poke & Co. All that motivation to reach annual targets and one food order to make them feel closer to the ultimate tropical vacation.

Management Consultant

These professionals mostly order Salmon Sashimi from Sushi Art . It might be safe to say that frequent travelling for projects around the world, makes them develop a taste for the finer things in life.

Project Manager

With the highest number of orders being Singaporean Noodles from The Noodle House, these professionals definitely seem to believe in taking the time to have a flavorful meal no matter how stressful their day!  

Marketing Professionals

With their most ordered meal being the Super Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut given the collaborative nature of the job, it's no wonder they prefer sharing a meal.


Their most ordered dish is the Shish Taouk from Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, the Lebanese cuisine to keep their meals light and energy levels high throughout their day.


Their most ordered dish is Chicken Fusilli from Cafe Bateel. Given how iconic Italian architecture is, their decision to opt for a plate of pasta must definitely keep their creative juices flowing!

Customer Service

With the highest number of orders for this profession being Chicken Avo Bacon Sandwich from Pressman's Pressed Sandwiches, we can only imagine the amount of multi-tasking these individuals go through from their desk in one day.

Fitness Professionals

Their most ordered dish is the Marley Carribean Salad from Bowlful. After all, they can't preach a healthy living if they themselves aren't living one.

Personal Assistant - Butter Chicken

Their most ordered dish is the Butter Chicken from Kulcha King, because they can spend all day scheduling someone else's day, but when it's time for food, only rich flavours will do!

Deliveroo for business continues to cater to all cravings, across all sectors, to the hungriest of customers, even on the busiest of their days!

About Deliveroo for Business

Deliveroo for business flips the idea of the stale sandwich platter on its head - bringing the broadest range of cuisines to offices and business across the country. Deliveroo for Business was launched following a huge trend of office workers ordering Deliveroo to their desks, tired by the same lacklustre choices on offer for lunch. The launch also helped businesses who are looking for new ways to retain talent, currently the service is being used by 10,000 companies in 12 markets.

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