Deliveroo is giving away free croissants- and they’re teal!

Deliveroo is giving away free croissants- and they’re teal!


Dubai, UAE 2018: This week Dubai's pastry lovers are in luck, as Deliveroo, is adding an extra special treat for customers ordering breakfast in celebration of National Croissant Day.  The food delivery service has teamed up select restaurants to create a limited edition croissant, unlike anything Dubai has ever seen before!  

Designed by the talented team at Bull & Roo, the Deliveroo croissant - a pineapple-flavoured mini pastry, dipped in teal icing & flecked with gold will be available from Common Grounds, Tom&Serg and The Sum of Us on National Croissant Day, 30 January.

Did you know…

  • The croissant has a unique origin story from Austria surprisingly and not France as it is commonly thought to be.
  • The humble yet delicious croissant has roots that can be traced back to 1683, when the Turkish Empire laid siege on Vienna, Austria.
  • The Turks had tried several times to conquer Vienne, so decided to try underground tunnels. The bakers in Vienna worked in the basement store rooms and happened to hear the sound of digging and alerted the cities army.
  • The bakers were rewarded and to celebrate, they baked their bread in a crescent moon-shaped form which was a symbol of the Ottoman Empire.
  • After the Turks were defeated, it became customary  to serve morning coffee with these crescent-shaped pastries.

The rest as they say, is history!

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